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specifies that occurrences of the symbols x, y, ... in expr should be treated as local.
defines initial values for x, ....
  • Module allows you to set up local variables with names that are local to the module.
  • Module creates new symbols to represent each of its local variables every time it is called.
  • Module creates a symbol with name to represent a local variable with name xxx. The number nnn is the current value of $ModuleNumber.
  • The value of $ModuleNumber is incremented every time any module is used.
  • Before evaluating expr, Module substitutes new symbols for each of the local variables that appear anywhere in expr except as local variables in scoping constructs.
  • Symbols created by Module can be returned from modules.
  • You can use Module as the right-hand side of a transformation rule with a condition attached.
  • Module constructs can be nested in any way, with inner variables being renamed if necessary.
  • Module is a scoping construct that implements lexical scoping.
Dynamic programming with a local function:
Euclid's algorithm for the GCD using initialized local variables:
Every time a module is evaluated, a new temporary symbol is created:
Module symbols are temporary and are removed if they are no longer referenced:
Each use of Module increments $ModuleNumber:
If there is no need to assign to a local variable, a constant should be used instead:
With is faster than Module:
Block localizes values only; it does not create new symbols:
Unique creates new variables in a way similar to Module:
Local variables are not affected by global ones, and vice versa:
A symbol brought into the scope of Module is not affected by naming conflicts:
Module is a scoping construct; inner local variables shield outer ones:
Variables are renamed in nested scopes:
Build the function from its parts to avoid the renaming:
Parallel assignment is not available for Module variables:
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