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gives an array in which each pixel of image is replaced by an integer index representing the connected foreground image component in which the pixel lies.
treats values above t as foreground.
  • The option setting CornerNeighbors->False treats only the four pixels in the coordinate directions as adjacent.
"Connected"labels connected components (default)
"Nested"labels nested connected components
"Convex"labels objects within non-overlapping convex regions
"ConvexHull"finds non-overlapping convex hulls
"BoundingBox"finds non-overlapping bounding boxes
"BoundingDisk"finds non-overlapping bounding disks
Find the connected components in a binary image:
Connected component labels:
Find the connected components in a binary image:
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Connected component labels:
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8-connected objects:
4-connected objects:
Find the bounding boxes of connected components:
Find the non-overlapping bounding disks:
Find components whose convex hulls do not overlap:
Non-overlapping convex components:
Label each component the same as its embedding component:
Count the number of pixels in each connected component of an image:
Find connected regions in a map:
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