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represents an object that displays as over when the mouse pointer is over it, and as expr otherwise.
  • Mouseover can be used with graphics or any other expression.
  • The following options can be given:
Alignment{Left,Top}how to align objects in the display area
ImageSizeAutomaticthe overall image size for the displayed objects
Change from to when the mouse is over the expression:
Change from to when the mouse is over the expression:
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Use anywhere in a formula:
Use anywhere in a graphic:
ImageSize->All keeps the overall size constant regardless of which expression is visible:
Use Dynamic to recompute the tooltip every time it is looked at:
Align within Mouseover:
Change the background color:
Align with surrounding text:
Add margins to Mouseover:
Add margins to Mouseover:
Control the overall size of Mouseover:
Use Mouseover to find the rule number of a particular CellularAutomaton:
Mouseover changes the expression itself:
StatusArea presents the label in the status area:
Tooltip presents the label in a popup box:
If the mouseover is smaller than the original object, there can be an oscillation:
With ImageSize->All space is always left for the largest object:
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