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displays as expr, but pops up a window containing contents when clicked.
  • PopupWindow by default pops up a window near the current location of expr. Other locations can be specified using the WindowMargins option.
When the expression is clicked, show a label:
When the expression is clicked, show a label:
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Use PopupWindow within graphics:
Include a window title:
With WindowFloating->False, the popup window will not remain on top of all other windows:
Change the background of the PopupWindow:
Disable editing in the PopupWindow:
Keep the PopupWindow on top of other windows:
Create a static PopupWindow:
Create a transparent PopupWindow:
Change the overall PopupWindow size:
Add a title to the PopupWindow:
Generate higher-resolution simulations as a popup:
PopupWindow must be clicked to be activated:
Tooltip presents the label in a popup box:
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