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is an option that specifies the method to be used for resampling images.
  • Typical settings include:
"Nearest"nearest neighbor resampling
"Bilinear"bilinear interpolation
"Biquadratic"biquadratic spline interpolation
"Bicubic"bicubic spline interpolation
"Gaussian"Gaussian resampling
"Lanczos"Lanczos multivariate interpolation method
"Cosine"cosine interpolation
"Hamming"raised-cosine Hamming interpolation
"Hann"raised-cosine Hann interpolation
"Blackman"three-term generalized raised cosine
"Bartlett"triangular window interpolation
"Connes"squared Welch interpolation
"Welch"Welch quadratic interpolation
"Parzen"piecewise cubic interpolation
"Kaiser"zero-order modified Bessel interpolation
  • In all of the interpolations, the window is normalized so that its values sum to 1.
Downsample an image using Gaussian interpolation:
Downsample an image using Gaussian interpolation:
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