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adds attr to the list of attributes of the symbol s.
Add an attribute to the list of attributes of a symbol:
Add more attributes; the previous ones are retained:
Add several attributes:
Add the same attributes to several symbols:
Set a single attribute for the symbols and :
SetAttributes adds to the already existing attributes; Attributes[g]={..} resets the list:
SetAttributes is equivalent to this assignment to the attributes:
Use ClearAttributes to clear a particular attribute:
Protecting a symbol is equivalent to setting the Protected attribute:
You can still change the attributes of a protected symbol:
After setting the attribute Locked, no more changes to the attributes can be made:
A locked symbol can no longer be unprotected, as the Protected attribute cannot be cleared:
SetAttributes has the attribute HoldFirst:
This sets attributes of the symbol itself:
This sets the attributes of all symbols in the list :
The 10 system symbols with the most attributes:
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