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gives the skeleton transform of image, in which the value of each skeleton pixel is its distance to the nearest background pixel.
treats values above t as foreground.
  • SkeletonTransform gives an Image object in which the value of each nonzero pixel is the absolute Euclidean distance in pixels to the nearest pixel of background.
  • SkeletonTransform effectively gives the medial axis of foreground objects multiplied with the distance transform.
  • For multichannel images, SkeletonTransform operates on the intensity averaged over all channels.
  • A reduced medial axis can be obtained by setting True.
Skeleton transform of a binary image:
Skeleton transform of a binary image:
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Skeleton transform applied to text:
Skeletons of color shapes:
Reduced medial axes:
Reduced medial axis of color shapes:
Simplify a shape by pruning its skeleton:
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