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splits list into sublists consisting of runs of identical elements.
treats pairs of adjacent elements as identical whenever applying the function test to them yields True.
  • The default function used to test whether elements are identical is SameQ.
  • Split can be used to perform run-length encoding. »
Split in increasing runs of elements:
Decreasing runs of elements:
Split based on first elements:
Split at jumps:
Split so that in each sublist successive elements are not the same:
Split after every occurrence of :
Split before every occurrence of :
Group together identical elements:
Run-length encoding:
Group equivalence classes according to an equivalence function:
Distribution of lengths of runs of 0s or 1s in the first million bits of :
Distribution of lengths of runs of 0s or 1s in one million pseudorandom bits:
Flatten acts an inverse of Split:
Find runs of numbers in base 10 that contain the same number of 1s:
Iterated run-length encoding :
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