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gives an undirected graph from the directed graph g.
  • The undirected edge is an edge in the resulting undirected graph if either of the directed edges or is an edge of g.
Give an undirected graph from a directed graph:
Give an undirected graph from a directed graph:
Click for copyable input
Click for copyable input
The input is unchanged for undirected graphs:
UndirectedGraph works with directed graphs:
Directed edges with different directions convert to one undirected edge:
Works with large graphs:
An undirected graph can be constructed by a list of UndirectedEdge objects:
A graph is either undirected or directed:
A symmetric adjacency matrix is interpreted to be an undirected graph:
Use DirectedEdges->True to interpret it as a directed graph:
The incidence matrix of an undirected graph has no negative entries:
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