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WMF (.wmf)

Microsoft WMF format.
Image file format.
Used by the Windows operating system and by Microsoft applications as a graphics resource format.
WMF is an acronym derived from Windows Metafile.
Binary format.
Stores vector graphics, raster graphics, and text.
Stores image data as either calls to the Windows graphical device interface (GDI), uncompressed Device Dependent Bitmaps, or uncompressed Device Independent Bitmaps.
Predecessor of the 32-bit EMF format.
  • Export fully supports the WMF format.
  • Export to WMF is available on Windows versions of Mathematica.
  • Export exports arbitrary vector or raster graphics or typeset expressions to the WMF format.
  • Since WMF supports vector graphics, fonts are not rasterized when exporting to WMF.
  • See the reference pages for full general information on Export.
  • Data representation element:
"Graphics"exports arbitrary graphics to WMF
  • Export uses the element by default.
Export 2D vector graphics to the WMF format:
Export 2D vector graphics to the WMF format:
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