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Cell Convert To

Convert To
opens a submenu for converting a cell to another form, format, or display form.
  • The following can be set from the Convert To submenu:
InputFormconvert the selection to Mathematica InputForm
Raw InputFormconvert the selection to Mathematica raw InputForm
OutputFormconvert the selection to Mathematica OutputForm
StandardFormconvert the selection to Mathematica StandardForm
TraditionalFormconvert the selection to Mathematica TraditionalForm
Bitmapconvert the selected cells to a bitmap format
Metafileconvert the selected cells to Metafile format (Windows only)
PDFconvert the selected cells to PDF format (OS X only)
QuickTimeconvert the selected graphics cells to QuickTime format (OS X only)
Text Displaydisplay the selection as plain text without interpreting it
InputForm Displaydisplay the selection in InputForm without interpreting it
StandardForm Displaydisplay the selection in StandardForm
TraditionalForm Displaydisplay the selection in TraditionalForm