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Computational Systems

Mathematica is the tool that has made possible Stephen Wolfram's exploration of the computational universe, and the emerging field of Wolfram Science (NKS). Whether for modeling, algorithm discovery or basic NKS, Mathematica has immediate built-in capabilities for the systematic study of a broad range of computational systems.


CellularAutomaton general cellular automaton in 1D, 2D, etc.

TuringMachine general Turing machine in 1D, 2D, etc.

expr/.rule apply a rule

NestList iteratively apply a function or evolution rule

NestWhileList iterate while checking for looping or termination

StringReplace, StringReplaceList rewrite, substitution and multiway systems

ArrayFlatten flatten out steps in 2D substitution systems, etc.

ArrayPlot, ListPlot visualize arrays of data

GraphPlot, TreePlot visualize networks

FindSequenceFunction find functional forms for integer sequences

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