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Formula Manipulation

Mathematica handles formulas of all types, from polynomials with millions of terms to complex combinations of higher mathematical functions. It provides powerful general transformation and simplification functions that automatically call on thousands of rules and algorithms—many original to Wolfram Research.


Simplify simplify, perhaps with assumptions about variables

FullSimplify apply full simplification procedures

FunctionExpand expand in terms of more elementary functions

Expand expand out algebraic expressions

Factor factor algebraic expressions

Reduce reduce out equations and inequalities

Series find a series approximation

Extracting Parts of Formulas

Coefficient ▪ Exponent ▪ Part ▪ Numerator ▪ Denominator

Formula Rearrangement

Collect ▪ Together ▪ Apart ▪ Cancel

Algebraic Transformations »

PowerExpand ▪ ComplexExpand ▪ TrigExpand ▪ RootReduce ▪ ComplexityFunction ▪ ...

Formula Testing

Equal(==) ▪ Element ▪ PossibleZeroQ

Assumptions & Domains »

Refine ▪ Assuming ▪ ForAll ▪ Integers ▪ Reals ▪ ...

TraditionalForm display a formula in traditional math notation