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Layout & Tables

Because of its unified symbolic architecture, Mathematica provides powerful capabilities for creating layouts, both interactively and programmatically, and containing arbitrary expressions—not only text and formulas, but also graphics and dynamic elements.


Ctrl+,, Ctrl+Enter interactively enter 2D layout, evaluating as a list

Insert ► Table/Matrix insert a template for a table/matrix into a notebook

Grids & Tables »

Grid, Column, Row 2D and 1D layouts containing arbitrary objects

GraphicsGrid, GraphicsColumn, GraphicsRow resizable 2D and 1D layouts

Frame ▪ Background ▪ Alignment ▪ Dividers ▪ Spacings ▪ SpanFromLeft ▪ ...

Textual Elements »

"string" a string containing arbitrary characters

Row a row of elements, potentially extending over several lines

Text render as text, in text font, etc.

Annotations »

Framed ▪ Labeled ▪ Tooltip ▪ Mouseover ▪ PopupWindow ▪ ...

Panel display any expression in a panel

TextCell, ExpressionCell complete inline cells

Placeholder label a place to type

Dynamic Layouts »

TabView ▪ SlideView ▪ MenuView ▪ OpenerView ▪ ...