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Linguistic Data

Mathematica has not only convenient built-in multilingual dictionaries, but also built-in information on word meaning, structure, and usage, as well as the relationship between words. Together with Mathematica's tightly integrated string manipulation functions, visualization, and data import and export, this provides a uniquely powerful platform for natural language computing.


DictionaryLookup look up words in English and other dictionaries using string patterns

WordData properties of words and networks of relationships between them

"Definitions"  ▪  "Synonyms"  ▪  "BroaderTerms"  ▪  "PartOfSpeech"  ▪  "InflectedForms" ▪

Textual Analysis »

StringSplit ▪ StringCases ▪ StringCount ▪ Tally ▪ Nearest ▪ ...

Importing Data »

Import import or "scrape" text from all standard formats

"HTML" ▪ "PDF" ▪ "RTF" ▪ "XML" ▪ "TeX" ▪ "Text" ▪ "String" ▪ ...

ExampleData access to standard sample texts, including complete books