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New in 8.0: Dynamic Interactivity

Mathematica 8 introduces interactive content delivered by Wolfram|Alpha directly into your documents. Additionally, Mathematica 8 extends the existing set of interface controls and introduces paradigms for running dynamic computations that are not linked directly to the output of those computations.


Free-Form Input

( at beginning of input) — use free-form linguistics to generate Mathematica output

( at beginning of input) — generate full Wolfram|Alpha output

Click for copyable input
(Ctrl+) — enter free-form linguistics for conversion to inline Mathematica input

Interface Controls Enhancements

MouseAppearance context-sensitive mouse cursor appearance

Overlay visually overlay expressions

InputField (modified) — create scrolling input fields, mask input fields, and add ghost contents

FieldMasked ▪ FieldHint ▪ FieldHintStyle ▪ ContentPadding

New Dynamic Operators

DynamicWrapper display an object that dynamically updates an expression but does not display that expression

DynamicEvaluationTimeout control the timeout behavior of Dynamic

FrontEndDynamicExpression ▪ NotebookDynamicExpression ▪ CellDynamicExpression