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New in 8.0: Visualization & Graphics

Mathematica 8 adds a number of new areas for visualization, including statistical, financial, wavelet, and control-related visualizations. These areas all provide a high level of automation for both algorithms and aesthetics. Mathematica 8 also brings a number of improvements to all the existing areas, including textures and filled curves, for a richer graphics language as well as a brand-new interactive graphics editor.


New in Statistical Visualization »

SmoothHistogram smooth density estimate

SmoothHistogram3D ▪ DensityHistogram ▪ SmoothDensityHistogram ▪ PairedHistogram ▪ ...

ProbabilityScalePlot normal plot, Weibull plot, etc.

QuantilePlot ▪ ProbabilityPlot ▪ ...

BoxWhiskerChart ▪ DistributionChart ▪ ...

New in Financial Visualization »

CandlestickChart candlestick and OHLC chart of open-high-low-close prices

InteractiveTradingChart interactive trading chart

TradingChart ▪ FinancialIndicator ▪ ...

KagiChart ▪ RenkoChart ▪ PointFigureChart ▪ ...

New Built-in Wavelet Visualization »

WaveletListPlot plot wavelet transform coefficients

WaveletMatrixPlot ▪ WaveletImagePlot ▪ WaveletScalogram ▪ ...

New Built-in Control System Visualization »

RootLocusPlot plot root locations as a parameter varies

BodePlot ▪ NyquistPlot ▪ NicholsPlot ▪ SingularValuePlot

New and Improved Information Visualization »

PairedBarChart create paired bar charts

ScalingFunctions specify which scaling functions should be used when charting

BarChart ▪ BarChart3D ▪ BubbleChart ▪ BubbleChart3D ▪ Histogram ▪ Histogram3D ▪ CandlestickChart ▪ ...

New and Improved Scientific Visualization

DiscretePlot (modified) — plot a discrete function of one variable

DiscretePlot3D plot a discrete function of two variables

TextureCoordinateFunction specify texture mapping for visualization functions

Plot3D ▪ ParametricPlot3D ▪ ListPlot3D ▪ RegionPlot ▪ RegionPlot3D ▪ ContourPlot3D ▪ ListContourPlot3D ▪

Improved Interactive Graphics Editing

Graphics Drawing Tools (modified) — draw and edit graphics interactively

New and Improved Symbolic Graphics »

Texture specify texture faces of polygons or other filled graphics objects

FilledCurve filled area with segment boundary in 2D

JoinedCurve joined curve segments in 2D

Translate (modified) — represent multiple copies of graphics primitives

Arrow (modified) — efficiently represent multiple copies of arrows

VertexTextureCoordinates ▪ CurveClosed ▪ ...

New in Spoken Output

Speak (modified) — speak any expression, including math and diagrams

SpokenString (modified) — spoken representation of an expression