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Sound and Sonification

Mathematica supports state-of-the-art sound generation, providing both arbitrary waveform synthesis from functions and data, and symbolic note-based MIDI-style sound synthesis. It also supports translation of arbitrary text, math, programs, and graphics to speech.


Play play a function by taking it as the waveform for a sound

ListPlay play a list of amplitude values

Sound Primitives

Sound sound wrapper with timing information

SoundNote music-like sound note

SampledSoundList sampled sound from a list of data

EmitSound emit a symbolically specified sound

Beep generate a beep

Import, Export import and export sounds

"MIDI" music-oriented note format

"WAV", "AU", "FLAC", ... sampled sounds

SystemDialogInput use your computer system to record a sound for input

Expressions to Speech

Speak speak a representation of any Mathematica expression

SpokenString give the text for a spoken representation of an expression