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Mathematica 9.0 Standard Extra Packages

Each version of Mathematica comes with a variety of standard extra packages that provide specific additional functionality. The specific code of these packages can be expected to be runnable in future versions of Mathematica, but their general functionality will often be incorporated directly into the core Mathematica system, though usually with detailed changes.

Statistics Packages

Analysis of Variance »

Hierarchical Clustering »

Hypothesis Testing »

Multivariate Statistics »

Statistical Plots »

Plotting, Charting, and Graphing Packages

Error Bar Plotting »

Splines »

Discrete Math Packages


Computational Geometry »

Graph Utilities »

Calculus Packages

Equation Trekker »

Fourier Series »

Function Approximations »

Numerical Calculus »

Numerical Differential Equation Analysis »

Variational Methods »

Algebra Packages

Finite Fields »

Quaternions »

Polyhedra & Polytopes Packages

Polyhedron Operations »

Polytopes »

Miscellaneous Mathematical Packages

Computer Arithmetic »

Primality Proving »

Cartography & Dates Packages

Calendar »

Geodesy »

World Plotting »

Sound Packages

Audio »

Music »

Physical Quantities & Properties Packages

Black-Body Radiation »

Resonance Absorption Lines »

Standard Atmosphere »

Utility Packages

Benchmarking »

Developer Utilities »

Experimental Functions »

Notation »