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String Manipulation

Integrated into the core Mathematica language is industrial-strength string manipulation, not only with ordinary regular expressions, but also with Mathematica's own powerful general symbolic string-pattern language.


a string, allowing Unicode or special characters

Structural Operations

StringJoin (<>) join strings together

StringLength length of a string

StringSplit split a string into words or other units

StringTake, StringDrop take or drop parts of a string

String Patterns »

StringExpression a symbolic string expression including symbolic string patterns

Longest ▪ Shortest ▪ Except ▪ Whitespace ▪ NumberString ▪ ...

Operations on Strings »

StringReplace make replacements for string patterns

StringCases find cases of string patterns

StringFreeQ test whether a string is free of a string pattern

StringCount ▪ StringPosition ▪ ...

String Alignment & Comparison »

SequenceAlignment find matching sequences in strings

Nearest find strings nearest in edit distance

HammingDistance ▪ EditDistance ▪ LongestCommonSubsequence ▪

Sort sort strings alphabetically or otherwise

Riffle riffle lists of objects

Hash ▪ StringFormat

DictionaryLookup look up strings in an English dictionary

ToString, ToExpression convert between expressions and strings >>>

ImportString, ExportString translate many formats of strings

"XML" ▪ "Table" ▪ ...

Character Operations »

Characters break a string into a list of characters

ToUpperCase ▪ ToCharacterCode ▪ LetterQ ▪ ...

Operations on File Names »

FileNameSplit ▪ FileNameTake ▪ FileBaseName ▪ ExpandFileName ▪