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1.3 Why a Web Interface?

Documentation1. Introduction


1.3 Why a Web Interface?

Some of the benefits that a web interface brings to Mathematica include ease of use and delivery, as well as the large number of web development professionals and the many web technologies.

1.3.1 Ease of Use

To use a webMathematica site, all you need is a web browser. User interfaces can use standard web GUI elements, such as text fields, check boxes, and drop-down lists. This reduces training time because users no longer have to learn different software applications. In many cases, no Mathematica experience is required.

1.3.2 Server-Based Configuration

There is no software to buy, install, or maintain in order to use webMathematica sites. All end users need is a web browser and, for advanced features like interactive 3D graphics, a Java Runtime Environment. This leads to significant savings over buying and maintaining user software and also ensures that every end user always has the most recent version. An additional advantage is that webMathematica-enhanced web sites can be accessed from many different types of computer.

1.3.3 Web Technologies

There are many people who are experts in working with servers and developing dynamic web sites. They can choose from the many web technologies and tools to develop Mathematica-related sites. Thus, development is easier and the applications they build are more powerful.

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