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Documentation1. Introduction


1.4 Areas of Use for webMathematica

There are several areas of use for webMathematica. Some of these include web computation, education, publishing, research, and hobbyist calculations.

1.4.1 Web Computation

A major use of webMathematica is to build online tools for computation and visualization. An example is webUnrisk,; some examples of webUnrisk are shown below.

1.4.2 Education

Mathematica is widely used in many areas of education. These applications can be extended to web-based education tools with webMathematica. The Integrator,, is a Research-developed web site that solves integration problems. Another use of webMathematica in education is Calc101,, which mixes free and pay-per-use calculators that lead precollege and college students through integration and differentiation problems, as seen here.

1.4.3 Publishing

Many publishers are developing web-based supplements to textbooks, manuals, and journals. webMathematica provides a suitable technology to support these efforts in technical subjects. The Mathematical Explorer, an interactive text from Wolfram Research, covers a wide range of topics from Escher patterns and square wheels to Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Riemann Hypothesis. A web-based supplement to The Mathematical Explorer, built with webMathematica, is available at, as shown in the following.

1.4.4 Research

Researchers all over the world use Mathematica to investigate their fields of interest and develop techniques and algorithms for solving problems. All the Mathematica work they develop can now be delivered with live interactive web sites, vastly increasing the number of people who can use and learn from their results. A typical web site that plots surfaces of constant curvature is

1.4.5 Hobbyist

webMathematica allows individual users to showcase their personal interests with web-based interactive calculations and visualizations.,, is a recreational web site that takes advantage of the webMathematica engine. Designed for technically oriented cyclists, offers web-based calculators that take a no-compromise, textbook approach to computing cycling performance.