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Documentation1. Introduction


1.6 webMathematica 2.0 New Features

webMathematica 2.0 offers a number of new features and improvements. These are listed in this section.

Support for Mathematica 4.2

Mathematica 4.2 comes with webMathematica 2.0. Mathematica 4.2 has many features that are very relevant to web operations, the most important being the XML support. There are many examples in webMathematica 2.0 that use XML features and XML applications such as MathML and SVG.

Simplified Installation

webMathematica 2.0 has a simplified installation process that only requires the installation of the webMathematica web application. There is a minimum of extra configuration that is required.

Extended Documentation and Examples

The documentation for webMathematica is now shipped in HTML format and accessible from the webMathematica front page. In addition many new examples have been added that demonstrate the new features.

New Templating Mechanism Based on JSP Custom Tags

A new HTML templating mechanism based on JavaServer Pages custom tags has been added. This is now the preferred mechanism for using webMathematica. The mechanism is easier to understand, it allows the use of other JSP custom tag libraries, and it facilitates the integration of webMathematica into other server applications.

MathML, SVG, and XML Support

Support for the XML applications MathML and SVG is built into webMathematica 2.0. In addition it can make use of the new XML processing tools that are available in Mathematica 4.2.

Support for Catching Message and Print Output

New functions are provided for catching the output of any Mathematica Message or Print statements. This can be useful for debugging or developing material.

Support for HTTP File Upload

New functions are provided to support HTTP file upload. This is an important way to submit information to a webMathematica web server.

Support for HTTP Session Variables

New functions are provided for saving material in an HTTP session stored in the server. This can be useful for saving results from one computation to another.

HTML Formatting Functions

New functions are provided for formatting results into HTML.

1.6.1 Modifications in webMathematica 2.0

This section lists any changes in webMathematica 2.0 that work differently from 1.0.

Location of Security Configuration File

The mechanism for locating the security configuration file has changed from webMathematica 1.0. Now the security configuration file is named in the pool configuration file and is located in a central configuration directory in webMathematica/WEB-INF/conf. Previously the configuration file could be loaded from anywhere on the Mathematica path.

This change was made because loading the security configuration from a single central location is more secure. Since the default security system of webMathematica is very conservative, any sites that do not move their security files will run with a higher level of security than is expected. Security is discussed in a later section.

Location of MSP.conf

The default location MSP.conf has been moved into a central configuration directory in webMathematica/WEB-INF/conf. This leads to a great simplification in the setup of your server because it will look automatically in this location.