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Documentation9. Appendix


9.7 File Layout

The layout of various webMathematica archives is given in this section.

webMathematica Web Application

This is the file layout of the webMathematica web application.

   BrowseExamples             webMathematica examples accessed via a design template
      Data                Data loading examples
      DesignTemplates       Examples with better design
      HTML                HTML formatting examples
      MathML                MathML examples
      PDF                  PDF generation examples
      SVG                  SVG examples
      XML                  XML examples
      ErrorPages            Pages to display error text
      XSL                  XSLT stylesheets for MathML rendering
         Data            Sample data files
         ExampleUtilities   Basic example programs
         JLink            JLink Mathematica application
         MSP               MSP Mathematica application
         mathpass         Sample webMathematica license file
         MSP.conf         Configuration file for webMathematica
      classes               Location for additional classes
      lib                  webMathematica executable archives
         SystemFiles         JLink native libraries
      MSPScripts            Classic webMathematica examples
      src                  webMathematica sources

Many of these files are provided as examples, documentation, and sources. In addition, there are files specific to all the platforms on which webMathematica runs. If you wish to run in a more minimal environment it is possible to strip out many of these files. This is described in the section on Minimal Installation.

MSP Mathematica Application

The layout of files in the MSP application is as follows.