Combinatorica Package



Subsets and Permutations »

Permutations get a list of permutations

BinarySubsets enumerate subsets using binary representation

InversePermutation ▪ KSubsets ▪ RandomSubset ▪ ToCycles ▪ CycleIndex ▪ ...

Partitions and Compositions »

Partitions list partitions of a positive integer

Compositions list all compositions of integer into parts

Tableaux construct Young tableaux from integer partition

RandomPartition ▪ FerrersDiagram ▪ KSetPartitions ▪ TableauClasses ▪ ...

Graph Construction and Representations »

Graph, Edges, Vertices basic graph elements

ShowGraph display a graph

MakeGraph construct a graph

GraphJoin join two graphs

FromOrderedPairs ▪ IncidenceMatrix ▪ GraphOptions ▪ RadialEmbedding

EdgeStyle ▪ VertexStyle ▪ Highlight ▪ ...

Graph Properties »

DegreeSequence list number of edges for each vertex

OrientGraph find strongly connected orientation of a graph

ChromaticPolynomial compute chromatic polynomial for a graph

NecklacePolynomial ▪ HamiltonianCycle ▪ ConnectedComponents ▪ EdgeColoring

EdgeConnectivity ▪ Girth ▪ Bridges ▪ ...

Graph Algorithms »

Dijkstra find single-source shortest path

MinimumSpanningTree find a minimum spanning tree of a graph

NetworkFlow maximum flow through a graph

Isomorphism ▪ Equivalences ▪ ShortestPath

StableMarriage ▪ DepthFirstTraversal ▪ TransitiveClosure ▪ ...

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