Cycles and Connectivity



Graph Cycles

FindCycle find a cycle in a graph

Girth length of the shortest cycle

EulerianCycle find an Eulerian tour on a graph

HamiltonianCycle find a Hamiltonian cycle

ExtractCycles ▪ EulerianQ ▪ HamiltonianQ ▪ AcyclicQ

TravelingSalesman ▪ TravelingSalesmanBounds ▪ DeBruijnSequence

Graph Connectivity

ConnectedQ test if a graph has only one component

ConnectedComponents get lists of connected vertices

StronglyConnectedComponents ▪ WeaklyConnectedComponents

OrientGraph find strongly connected orientation of a graph

ArticulationVertices find cut points of a graph

Bridges find bridges of a graph

BiconnectedComponents ▪ BiconnectedQ

EdgeConnectivity minimal number of edges that disconnect the graph

VertexConnectivity ▪ VertexConnectivityGraph

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