Displaying Graphs



ShowGraph display a graph

ShowGraphArray display several graphs

ShowLabeledGraph ▪ AnimateGraph

SetGraphOptions set graph display options

GraphOptions retrieve graph display options

SetEdgeLabels ▪ SetEdgeWeights ▪ SetVertexLabels ▪ SetVertexWeights ▪ Zoom

Graph Embedding

CircularEmbedding place all vertices on a circle

ChangeVertices specify coordinates of vertices

ChangeEdges replace edges of a graph

RankGraph assign ranks to vertices

RankedEmbedding place vertices based on their rank

RadialEmbedding ▪ RootedEmbedding ▪ SpringEmbedding ▪ GraphCenter

RotateVertices rotate vertex positions about the origin

TranslateVertices shift vertex position by a given vector

ShakeGraph ▪ HasseDiagram

Graph Options

EdgeStyle style of displayed edges

VertexStyle style of displayed vertices

EdgeColor ▪ EdgeLabel ▪ EdgeWeight

EdgeDirection ▪ EdgeLabelColor ▪ EdgeLabelPosition

VertexColor ▪ VertexLabel ▪ VertexWeight

VertexNumber ▪ VertexNumberColor ▪ VertexNumberPosition

VertexLabelColor ▪ VertexLabelPosition ▪ LoopPosition

Highlight highlight elements of a graph

HighlightedEdgeColors ▪ HighlightedVertexColors

HighlightedEdgeStyle ▪ HighlightedVertexStyle

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