Graph Construction and Representations



Graphs and Components

Graph a graph object

Edges, Vertices list of edges and vertices in a graph

M, V number of edges and vertices in a graph

Graph Representations

ToOrderedPairs get a list of edges

ToAdjacencyLists represent a graph as adjacency lists

ToAdjacencyMatrix represent a graph as an adjacency matrix

ToUnorderedPairs ▪ FromOrderedPairs ▪ FromUnorderedPairs

FromAdjacencyLists ▪ FromAdjacencyMatrix ▪ IncidenceMatrix

SymmetricQ test if a square matrix represents a symmetric relation

EquivalenceRelationQ test if a matrix defines an equivalence relation

AntiSymmetricQ ▪ EquivalenceClasses ▪ Equivalences

Displaying Graphs »

ShowGraph display a graph

ShowGraphArray display several graphs

GraphOptions ▪ ShowLabeledGraph ▪ ...

Constructing Graphs »

MakeGraph construct a graph using a binary predicate

RandomGraph generate a random graph

GraphUnion construct the union of two graphs

LineGraph ▪ AddEdges ▪ MakeUndirected ▪ PermuteSubgraph ▪ ...

SetEdgeWeights assign weights to edges

SetVertexWeights assign weights to vertices

GetEdgeWeights ▪ GetVertexWeights ▪ GetEdgeLabels ▪ GetVertexLabels

CostOfPath ▪ DilateVertices ▪ WeightingFunction ▪ WeightRange ▪ ...

Graph Input and Output

ReadGraph read graph specification from a file

WriteGraph write graph specification into a file

Built-in Graphs »

Cycle a circular chain of edges

GridGraph graph with nodes on a grid

FiniteGraphs list of all built-in finite parameterless graphs

Wheel ▪ Hypercube ▪ Harary ▪ ...

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