Subsets and Cycles




Subsets give all subsets of a set

Strings subsets with repeating elements

NextSubset construct the next subset in canonical order

RankSubset ▪ UnrankSubset ▪ RandomSubset ▪ NthSubset

BinarySubsets enumerate subsets using binary representation

GrayCodeSubsets enumerate subsets using Gray code

RankBinarySubset ▪ UnrankBinarySubset ▪ NextBinarySubset

LexicographicSubsets ▪ NextLexicographicSubset

RankGrayCodeSubset ▪ NextGrayCodeSubset ▪ UnrankGrayCodeSubset

KSubsets subsets with elements

RandomKSubset random subset with elements

NextKSubset ▪ RankKSubset ▪ UnrankKSubset ▪ GrayCodeKSubsets


ToCycles find cycles for a permutation

HideCycles represent the cycle in a canonical form

FromCycles ▪ RevealCycles ▪ PermutationWithCycle ▪ DeBruijnSequence

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