How to | Make a Legend for My Plots

Mathematica provides many options for customizing and annotating plots. Legends can be added to plots and customized with many of the same methods used to customize other Mathematica graphics.

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First, load the PlotLegends package:

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Use the PlotLegend option to generate a plot with legends:

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Any styling used in the plot is reflected in the legend:

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The PlotLegends package can also be used to generate color bars for density and contour plots. However, this requires more effort, as well as some knowledge about the results in the plot.

ShowLegend can be used to display legends for graphics produced with DensityPlot:

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Similarly, ShowLegend can be used with ContourPlot:

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You can also programmatically customize your legends with options such as LegendPosition, LegendShadow, LegendBackground, LegendBorder, and ShadowBackground. Further information on doing this is presented in the full screencast.

The methods shown here will not work for adding legends to charts in Mathematica. For information on this, see How to: Make a Legend for My Charts.

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