3D Geometry & Modeling Formats

Mathematica supports import and export of 3D geometry from all standard formats—with its symbolic representation of 3D objects allowing immediate faithful interchange.


3D Object Geometry Formats

"PLY" PLY 3D geometry format (.ply)

"OFF", "NOFF" 3D object file formats (.off, .coff, .noff, .cnoff)

"BYU" BYU 3D geometry format (.byu)

"OBJ" Wavefront OBJ format (.obj)

"VTK" Visualization Toolkit 3D format (.vtk)

3D Viewing Formats

"X3D" X3D XML geometry format (.x3d)

"JVX" JavaView format (.jvx)

"VRML" Virtual Reality Modeling Language format (.vrml)

Modeling & Rendering Formats

"Maya" Maya entity files (.ma)

"POV" POV-Ray ray-tracing object description format (.pov)

"LWO" LightWave 3D file format (.lwo)

"3DS" 3D Studio format (.3ds)

"RIB" Renderman interchange format (.rib)

CAD-Related Formats

"DXF" AutoCAD 2D & 3D formats (.dxf)

"STL" stereolithography format (.stl)

"ZPR" Z Corp. 3D printer format (.zpr)

Molecular Models Formats »

"XYZ" ▪ "MOL" ▪ "PDB" ▪ ...

Common Data Elements

graphics object that displays the 3D objects

a Mathematica GraphicsComplex object

list of vertex coordinates

colors at vertices

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