Dialog Boxes

Mathematica's unified symbolic architecture makes it incredibly easy to create dialog boxes that range from the straightforward to the highly elaborate and customized. Every dialog box is a notebook with arbitrary layout and styling, in which arbitrary actions defined by Mathematica programs can immediately be applied through Mathematica's Dynamic mechanism.


MessageDialog put up a dialog box to display a message

ChoiceDialog put up a dialog box with buttons to make choices

DialogInput put up a dialog and return what is supplied to DialogReturn

CreateDialog put up a dialog, but let Mathematica evaluation continue

DialogNotebook create a custom dialog window

Input, InputString get input from a simple dialog box

SystemDialogInput get input through system dialog boxes (files, colors, sound, ...)


DefaultButton ▪ CancelButton ▪ ChoiceButtons ▪ Button

DialogReturn close a dialog, possibly returning a value

Controls »

Checkbox ▪ PopupMenu ▪ SetterBar ▪ InputField ▪ ProgressIndicator ▪ RadioButton ▪ RadioButtonBar ▪ FileNameSetter ▪ ColorSetter ▪ ...

Layout & Organization »

Text ▪ Grid ▪ Panel ▪ Enabled ▪ TabView ▪ OpenerView ▪ ...

Annotation & Labeling

Tooltip ▪ Labeled ▪ Text ▪ Graphics ▪ WindowTitle

Modal specify whether a dialog box is modal to the front end

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