Wolfram LibraryLink

Wolfram LibraryLink provides a powerful way to connect external code to Mathematica, enabling high-speed and memory-efficient execution. It does this by allowing dynamic libraries to be directly loaded into the Mathematica kernel so that functions in the libraries can be immediately called from Mathematica. Wolfram LibraryLink allows exchanging arbitrary data with the linked library: integers, reals, packed arrays, strings, and arbitrary Mathematica expressions, as well as sending messages and calling back to Mathematica.


Wolfram LibraryLink Mathematica Functions

LibraryFunctionLoad load a function from a dynamic library into Mathematica

LibraryFunction a function that calls into a dynamic library

LibraryFunctionInformation information on a library function

LibraryFunctionUnload, LibraryUnload unload functions and libraries

FindLibrary, $LibraryPath find libraries resolving system-specific file extensions

LibraryLoad load a library without calling any functions

C Language Functions

MTensor_new ▪ MTensor_free  ▪ MTensor_disown ▪ MTensor_clone

MTensor_getRank ▪ MTensor_getDimensions ▪ MTensor_getFlattenedLength ▪ MTensor_getType

getMathLink ▪ processMathLink


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