Locale & Internationalization



Character Sets »

$CharacterEncoding resettable default character encoding

$SystemCharacterEncoding operating system character encoding

CharacterRange ▪ ToCharacterCode ▪ FromCharacterCode


$Language resettable default list of languages for information, messages, spelling, etc.

Date & Time »

$TimeZone resettable default time zone

DateString dates and times with specified formats, in any time zone

$DateStringFormat resettable default date and time format

AbsoluteTime ▪ DateList ▪ ...

Geodetic Location »

$GeoLocation settable current geodetic location

FindGeoLocation try to find the current location using GPS, geoIP, etc.

Number Formatting »

NumberForm output with specified number formatting

NumberPoint ▪ NumberSeparator ▪ ...

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