MathLink C Functions for Exchanging Expressions



Basic Types »

MLPutInteger() ▪ MLGetInteger() ▪ MLPutDouble() ▪ MLPutString() ▪ ...

MLPutIntegerList() ▪ MLPutIntegerArray() ▪ MLPutByteArray() ▪ ...

Functions with Simple Heads

MLPutFunction() send the head of a function and its argument count

MLGetFunction() get the head of a function and its argument count

MLCheckFunction(), MLTestHead() check the head of a function and its argument count

Symbols »

MLPutSymbol() ▪ MLPutUCS2Symbol() ▪ ...

MLGetSymbol() ▪ MLGetUCS2Symbol() ▪ ...

MLReleaseSymbol() ▪ MLReleaseUCS2Symbol() ▪ ...

Expression Packet Handling »

MLNextPacket() ▪ MLNewPacket() ▪ MLEndPacket() ▪ ...

Low-Level Expression Operations

MLPutNext() prepare to put a specified type of expression on a link

MLGetNext() go to the next part of an expression and return its type

MLGetType() get the type of the current part of an expression

MLPutArgCount(), MLGetArgCount() numbers of arguments for a head

Expression Storage

MLLoopbackOpen() open a loopback link for expression storage

MLTransferExpression() move an entire expression from one link to another

MLTransferToEndOfLoopbackLink() transfer the entire contents of a loopback link

Low-Level Operations »

MLPutSize() ▪ MLPutData() ▪ MLGetData() ▪ MLSeekMark() ▪ ...

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