MathLink C Functions for Exchanging Integers



Sending Integers

MLPutInteger(), MLPutInteger32() 32-bit int

MLPutShortInteger(), MLPutInteger16() 16-bit short

MLPutLongInteger() long

MLPutInteger64() 64-bit integers

Receiving Integers

MLGetInteger(), MLGetInteger32() 32-bit int

MLGetShortInteger(), MLGetInteger16() 16-bit short

MLGetLongInteger() long

MLGetInteger64() 64-bit integers

Sending Lists of Integers

MLPutIntegerList(), MLPutInteger32List() list of 32-bit integers (int *)

MLPutInteger16List() list of 16-bit integers (short *)

MLGetInteger64List() list of 64-bit integers

Receiving Lists of Integers

MLGetIntegerList(), MLGetInteger32List() list of 32-bit integers (int *)

MLGetInteger16List() list of 16-bit short integers (short *)

MLGetInteger64List() list of 64-bit integers

Releasing Memory for Lists of Integers

MLReleaseInteger32List() list of 32-bit integers (int *)

MLReleaseInteger16List() list of 16-bit integers (short *)

MLReleaseInteger64List() list of 64-bit integers

Sending Arrays of Integers

MLPutIntegerArray(), MLPutInteger32Array() 32-bit integer array (int *)

MLPutInteger16Array() 16-bit short integer array (short *)

MLPutInteger64Array() 64-bit integer arrays

Receiving Arrays of Integers

MLGetIntegerArray(), MLGetInteger32Array() 32-bit integer array (int *)

MLGetInteger16Array() 16-bit short integer array (short *)

MLGetInteger64Array() 64-bit integer array

Releasing Memory for Arrays of Integers

MLReleaseInteger32Array() 32-bit integer array (int *)

MLReleaseInteger16Array() 16-bit short integer array (short *)

MLReleaseInteger64Array() 64-bit integer array

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