MathLink C Functions for Exchanging Multidimensional Arrays



Sending Arrays

MLPutIntegerArray(), MLPutInteger32Array() 32-bit integer array (int *)

MLPutInteger16Array() 16-bit short integer array (short *)

MLPutInteger64Array() 64-bit integer array

MLPutRealArray(), MLPutReal32Array() array of reals (float *)

MLPutReal64Array() array of (double *)

MLPutReal128Array() array of quad-precision floating-point numbers

MLPutByteArray() array of 8-bit integers of type char (char *)

Receiving Arrays

MLGetIntegerArray(), MLGetInteger32Array() 32-bit integer array (int *)

MLGetInteger16Array() 16-bit integer array (short *)

MLGetInteger64Array() 64-bit integer array

MLGetRealArray(), MLGetReal32Array() single-precision floating-point numbers

MLGetReal64Array() single-precision floating-point numbers

MLGetReal128Array() quad-precision floating-point numbers

MLGetByteArray() array of 8-bit integers of type char (char *)

Releasing Memory for Arrays

MLReleaseInteger32Array() 32-bit integer array

MLReleaseInteger16Array() 16-bit integer array

MLReleaseInteger64Array() 64-bit integer array

MLReleaseReal32Array() single-precision floating-point numbers (float *)

MLReleaseReal64Array() single-precision floating-point numbers (double *)

MLReleaseReal128Array() quad-precision floating-point numbers

MLReleaseByteArray() array of 8-bit integers of type char (char *)

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