Mathematica Session History

The history of an interactive Mathematica computation is both maintained in a fully editable Mathematica notebook and stored symbolically in a sequence of In and Out objects that can immediately be used in other Mathematica commands.


Out (%, %%, %n, ...) — output expressions

In unevaluated input expressions

InString original input strings

MessageList messages produced while generating each output

ShowCellLabel ▪ CellLabelAutoDelete

Ctrl+L copy down an input line (Insert ► Input from Above)

Ctrl+Shift+L copy down an output line (Insert ► Output from Above)

InputForm show output, graphics, etc. in input form

$Line resettable current line number

$HistoryLength number of previous outputs to keep

$OutputSizeLimit maximum size of output to give explicitly

Cell ► Notebook History summarize the editing history of a notebook

Saving Session History Information

Save save definitions for symbols, functions, or contexts

Put, PutAppend save Mathematica expressions

NotebookSave ▪ NotebookAutoSave

File  ►  Save

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