Namespace Management

Mathematica supports dynamic hierarchical namespace management, fully integrated into the Mathematica language. Mathematica's symbolic programming paradigm allows a unique level of programmability and control in namespace management.


$Context default context for creating new symbols

$ContextPath list of additional contexts to search for symbols

BeginPackage, EndPackage set up contexts for a package

Begin, End reset default contexts

Needs import definitions for a context

$Packages list of loaded packages

SystemInformation give information including package and context status

Namespaces in Notebooks

CellContext default context for a cell or cells

Notebook's Default Context default context for a notebook

Scoping Constructs »

Module localize symbol names

Symbol Handling »

Names list symbols within a context

Remove completely remove symbol names

Unique ▪ $ModuleNumber

Standard Namespaces »

System` ▪ Global` ▪ $CellContext` ▪ ...

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