Non-Printing Characters

Mathematica includes a variety of non-printing characters, some used to fine-tune layout, and others used to define precise syntactic interpretations while maintaining the traditional look of various mathematical notations.


Spacing Characters

\[ThickSpace] ▪ \[MediumSpace] ▪ \[ThinSpace] ▪ \[VeryThinSpace]

\[NegativeThinSpace] "negative space" to bring objects closer together

\[NegativeThickSpace] ▪ \[NegativeMediumSpace] ▪ \[NegativeVeryThinSpace]

\[LetterSpace] an almost-invisible space treated as a letter, e.g. in a symbol name

Line-Breaking Control

\[NonBreakingSpace] insert a space, but do not allow it to be at a line break

\[NoBreak] ensure that no line break occurs at this point

\[IndentingNewLine] insert a new line, with indentation on the next line

\[DiscretionaryHyphen] hyphen to include only at a line break

Alignment Markers

\[AlignmentMarker] represent a position that should be aligned in a grid

Invisible Mathematica Syntax

\[InvisibleSpace] invisible character treated like a space in Mathematica syntax

\[InvisibleComma] invisible character treated like a comma

\[InvisibleApplication] invisible character making behave like

\[ImplicitPlus] invisible character representing addition (e.g. in compound fractions)

\[InvisiblePrefixScriptBase] ▪ \[InvisiblePostfixScriptBase]

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