Notebook & Interface Customization

Mathematica has over a thousand options that allow full control over every aspect of its interface. These options can be set interactively from menus, defined in stylesheets, or manipulated programmatically using Mathematica's symbolic programming capabilities.


General Customization Menus

Preferences set global preferences such as syntax coloring

Option Inspector all notebook and interface options, settable at various levels

Stylesheets »

Format ► Stylesheet pick a stylesheet for a notebook

Format ► Edit Stylesheet edit a complete or cascading stylesheet

Evaluation Control »

Evaluation ► Notebook's Default Context localize everything by notebook, cell, ...

Notebook's Kernel specify the local or remote kernel to use for evaluation

Programmatic Customization »

Options, SetOptions programmatically find and set all notebook options

CurrentValue ▪ FrontEndExecute ▪ NotebookEventActions ▪ ...

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