Selecting and Typing in Notebooks

Mathematica has many special features that optimize the entry and editing of both ordinary text and Mathematica input in notebooks.


Making Selections

double-click select a word or function name

triple-click select a function and its arguments

repeated clicking continue expanding selection

Ctrl+. expand selection within a cell or beyond

Ctrl+A select a whole notebook

Brackets & Syntax

Ctrl+Shift+B match brackets

Help ► Why the Coloring? find out why input is red or has other syntax coloring

Help & Command Completion

F1 search for help on the name selected, or to the left

Shift+F1 bring up a new instance of the help viewer

Ctrl+K complete a command name, character name, etc.

Entering Styled Text

Alt+Enter create a new cell of the same style as above

Alt+n pick a style for a cell (4 for section heading, 7 for text, etc.)

Alt+0 enter a style to use for a cell

Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I toggle bold, italic

Alt++, Alt+- make font larger, smaller

Entering Special Characters »

EscnameEsc enter hundreds of special characters by short names

Math & Tabular Input »

(Ctrl+^ or Ctrl+6) ▪ (Ctrl+_) ▪ (Ctrl+/) ▪ ...

Ctrl+Space move out of a script position

Ctrl+Comma, Ctrl+Return create a 2D grid

Ctrl+(, Ctrl+) start, end an inline math cell in text, or text in math

Typing Shortcuts

Delete delete next character

Shift+, Shift+ extend selection back or forward

Ctrl+, Ctrl+ skip back or forward a word

Ctrl+Shift+, Ctrl+Shift+ extend selection back, forward a word

Cell Operations

, move down or up inside or outside of cells

Ctrl+Shift+M, Ctrl+Shift+D merge or divide cells

Ctrl+Shift+E toggle to unformatted expression form of a cell

Shift+Alt+n change cell style (4 for section heading, 7 for text, 9 for input, etc.)

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