Standalone Mathematica Kernels

Mathematica's core language and computation capabilities can be accessed not only through its rich interactive notebook interface, but also directly through a command-line interface—allowing Mathematica to be used in large-scale batch mode, or as the world's most powerful scripting language, fully integrated into any computational environment.


Command Line Programs

Mathematica, mathematica launch the complete Mathematica system

MathKernel, math launch a standalone Mathematica kernel

MathematicaScript run a standalone executable script

Kernel Sessions »

% most recent output expression

Quit quit the Mathematica kernel

Input & Output

Get() ▪ Put() ▪ Import ▪ Export ▪ Input

Setting Up Scripts

-script command-line argument for running a script

$CommandLine, $ScriptCommandLine command-line arguments

Environment system environment variables

Batch Operation

$BatchInput, $BatchOutput handle interrupts etc. unattended

SendMail send an expression by email

Session Parameters & Customization »

init.m file of commands to run at initialization

$Echo where to echo input

$Input ▪ $Output ▪ $IgnoreEOF ▪ $Linked ▪ $ProcessID

UsingFrontEnd execute commands using a front end if necessary

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