Systems & Utility Formats

Mathematica allows data stored in standard systems formats to be analyzed and synthesized using the full power of Mathematica.


"C" C code generation (.c)

"Directory" filesystem directory hierarchy

"ApacheLog" Apache access log file format

"MBOX" mbox Unix mailbox format (.mbox)

"VCF" vCard format (.vcf)

"RSS" RSS feed XML format (.rss)

"XML" arbitrary XML format (.xml)

"JSON" JavaScript data interchange format

"ZIP" Windows ZIP archive (.zip)

"BZIP2" BZIP2 compression (.bz2)

"GZIP" Unix GZIP compression (.gz)

"TAR" Unix TAR archive (.tar)

"ACO" Adobe color palette format (.aco)

"ICC" color profile format (.icc, .icm)

"CUR", "ICO" cursor, icon Windows resource formats

"ICNS" Macintosh icon package format (.icns)

"ICS" iCalendar format (.ics, .ical, .ifb)

"VCS" vCalendar format (.vcs)

"VCF" vCard format (.vcf)

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