How to | Get an Image into Mathematica

There are many convenient ways to get an image into Mathematica, including drag and drop. You can also import images by evaluating commands in a notebook. Once you have an image to work with, you can use any number of Mathematica's image processing functions to analyze and customize it.

Selected examples from the video:

The simplest way to get an image into Mathematica is to use drag and drop. When dropping an image into a notebook, your mouse pointer will change to indicate that content is being copied:

When working with other applications, such as image editors or web browsers, you can copy an image and then paste it into Mathematica with Edit ► Paste:

You can also do the same thing by right-clicking and then selecting Paste from the contextual menu that appears.


From within Mathematica, you can choose Insert ► Picture From File and then choose a picture to insert, using your operating system's file browser:

If you know the file path of the image on your computer, you can use Import to get the image into Mathematica:

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If you do not know the file path, you can use Insert ► File Path to insert it with your operating system's file browser:

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