CellGroupData[{cell1, cell2, ...}]
is a low-level construct that represents an open group of cells in a notebook.

CellGroupData[{cell1, cell2, ...}, 1]
represents a cell group in which only the first cell is open.

CellGroupData[{cell1, cell2, ...}, {i1, i2, ...}]
represents a cell group with cells at positions , , ... open.


  • Cell groups are typically opened and closed by double-clicking their cell brackets or opener icons.
  • In CellGroupData[cells, status], status can contain Dynamic.
  • When cells are entered into a notebook, they are automatically placed in groups unless CellGrouping->Manual is set.

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Basic Examples (4)Basic Examples (4)

Create a notebook that has automatic cell grouping:

NotebookRead shows the CellGroupData structure:

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Create a document with manually grouped cells:

Create a group with only the second cell open:

Create a group with its first and third cells open:

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