ControllerManipulate[expr, {u, umin, umax}]
generates a version of expr set up to allow interactive manipulation of the value of u using an external controller device.

ControllerManipulate[expr, {u, umin, umax, du}]
allows the value of u to vary between and in steps du.

ControllerManipulate[expr, {{u, uinit}, umin, umax, ...}]
takes the initial value of u to be .

ControllerManipulate[expr, {u, {u1, u2, ...}}]
allows u to take on discrete values , , ....

ControllerManipulate[expr, {u, ...}, {v, ...}, ...]
allows each of the u, v, ... to be manipulated by the external controller device.

ControllerManipulate[expr, "cu"->{u, ...}, "cv"->{v, ...}, ...]
links the parameters to the specified controllers on the external controller device.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • ControllerManipulate has the same features and options as Manipulate, but by default does not explicitly display any controls or frame.
  • With the default setting ControllerMethod->Automatic, successive parameters will be controlled by successive controls on the external controller device.

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Basic Examples (1)Basic Examples (1)

Use a controller to change the sinusoids:

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