This function has not been fully integrated into the long-term Mathematica system, and is subject to change.

FractionBoxOptions->{opt1->val1, opt2->val2, ...}
is an option for cells that specifies settings for FractionBox objects within the cell.


  • The following options may be specified:
  • AllowScriptLevelChangeTruecontrols whether certain operators, such as , , and , always appear smaller than normal size
    BaseStyle{}the style to use
    FractionLineAutomaticspecifies the thickness of the line separating the numerator and denominator
    MultilineFunctionAutomaticspecifies whether the numerator or denominator is split across multiple lines if it is too long to fit on a single line
  • A fraction can be created using Ctrl+/ or the Insert ► Typesetting ► Fraction menu item.
  • With the default setting MultilineFunction->Automatic, the numerator or denominator may be reformatted to extend across multiple lines. This may involve converting the two-dimensional fraction into a fraction that uses a "/". The point at which the line break is applied is indicated by a symbol.
  • With the setting MultilineFunction->LineWrapParts, the numerator or denominator is linewrapped to fit in the available space, while retaining the two-dimensional form of the fraction. The point at which the line break is applied is indicated by a symbol.
  • With the setting MultilineFunction->None, the numerator or denominator is not split across multiple lines.
  • For a selected fraction, MultilineFunction is set as an option of the FractionBox object, and applies only to the selection.
  • At the cell level, is set as a suboption of the FractionBoxOptions option for cells. It specifies the default setting of for any FractionBox in the cell.
New in 4.0
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