GestureHandler[expr, {"gesture1"⧴fun1, "gesture2"⧴fun2, ...]
displays as expr, evaluating whenever occurs within the screen space occupied by expr.


  • GestureHandler is only active on touchscreen devices. Otherwise, it acts as an inert wrapper.
  • Functions take arguments that are associated with the specific gesture. Typically, the argument is a value in scaled coordinates that represents the magnitude of the gesture.
  • Standard gestures include:
  • "Pinch"two-fingered gesture where the fingers pinch together or apart; typically used for resizing
    "Drag"one-fingered dragging gesture
  • The arguments passed to the action function by gestures are:
  • "Pinch"valuemagnitude of the pinch as a fraction of the size of expr; a positive number is an opening pinch
    "Drag"{valx,valy}drag distance as a fraction of the horizontal and vertical sizes of expr

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Basic Examples (2)Basic Examples (2)

Print when a pinch gesture happens:

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Dynamically print the distance of the last drag gesture:

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