is a graphics directive that specifies the gray-level intensity with which objects that follow should be displayed.

GrayLevel[g, a]
specifies opacity a.


  • The gray level must be a number between and . »
  • represents black; represents white.
  • On display devices with no native gray-level capability, dither patterns are typically used.
  • For 3D surfaces, explicit GrayLevel directives define surface colors; the final shading depends on lighting.
  • In GrayLevel[g, a], a is an "alpha channel" used to specify opacity.
  • GrayLevel[g, a] is equivalent to {GrayLevel[g], Opacity[a]}. »
  • If no opacity has been specified, GrayLevel[g] is equivalent to GrayLevel[g, 1].
  • Style[expr, GrayLevel[...]] specifies that expr should be displayed with the specified gray level. »
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